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Would you like to set up a referral programme or would you like to generate more results from your existing programme? We can help you in many ways!

  1. Project management & coordination referral programme

  2. Referral quickscan.

  3. Stakeholder management

  4. What does a well setup referral programme cost and what does it yield? Including referral business case.

  5. How would your employees like to be rewarded and which internal target audiences are there in your organization?

  6. Which referral rewards and rules should you apply?

  7. Referral candidate experience. Hospitality is key.

  8. Which referral software could support your referral programme best?

  9. Processing referral in onboarding.

  10. Retaining employees through referrals.

  11. Internal promotion & launch referral programme.

  12. Conduct external campaigns through ambassadors.

  13. Referral outsourcing due to lack of time.

Would you like to know how we can guide you in realizing an effective and well setup referral programme (or upgrade)? The first hour consult is free.

Please contact Michael Boud via or +31624768758

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