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If you want to get even more results from your current referral programme, we can provide a referral recruitment scan.


We will analyze the current recruitment and referral data and look at the existing positioning of your employer brand. Using the following steps:

  1. Referral inventory. Interviews with stakeholders and parties involved in the current referral programme.
    Analysis regular recruitment & referral data.

  2. Employer brand analysis. Analysis of online visibility as an employer (employer brand) & which referral campaign content has already been deployed to employees.

  3. Report current situation. Prepare a report with current situation and results with referrals, including points for improvement.

  4. Referral business case. Three different referral growth and savings scenarios & advice and action plan for upgrade programme.

  5. Stakeholder reporting. Explanation of referral recruitment scan, including extensive reporting with points for improvement, advice and action plan for the possible upgrade or design of a new program.


Costs € 3.500,- excl. vat.

Need help? 


The first consult hour is for free. Please complete the form below or first email or call Michael Boud via / +31624768758



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