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For the past 4 years we have measured the success of 700+ referral employee programmes in the Benelux. Thanks to these facts & figures, we can finally provide insights which referral programmes are most succesful.

The use of referral recruitment is increasing rapidly in the current challenging labour market. 17% of organizations in the Benelux now realize more than 20% of their hires via referral. A big difference compared to 2022, when this was only 8%.

And that is good news, because referrals are not only up to 50% cheaper than regular recruitment via social media, advertisements or headhunters, they also stay working for you much longer on average: 45% even more than 4 years.

Would you also like to gain more insights into the success of referral programs at other organizations?

Then please participate in the first International Referral Recruitment Benchmark of 2024.


We also investigate whether employees are more likely to participate in a referral programme when they are happy with their employer, and whether employees stay longer when they are recommended by colleagues.

We have asked our employer branding specialist, Yves Pilet, to conduct a parallel study on employer brand appreciation. These results will then be linked to the outcomes of the referral recruitment benchmark.

This will allow us to see if there is a correlation between the success of a referral program, a (strong) employer brand, and employee retention. Here is the link to the Employer Branding Benchmark 2024.

If you complete the online survey(s), you will receive the results, including the processing of the employer branding research, after its completion (November 2024)

Want to know more? Request the 2023 Benelux referral recruitment benchmark whitepaper for free now.


Please complete the form below or first email or call Michael Boud via / +31624768758.

Receive the referral recruitment benchmark whitepaper for free!

Thank you!

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