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A referral campaign is a means to boost vacancies that are difficult to fill and to ensure that even more employees participate in the referral program.


Then consider, among other things:

  1. Stakeholder management

  2. How do your employees want to be rewarded and which internal target groups are there?

  3. What reward and rules apply?

  4. Internal promotion of the referral promotion

Training for recruiting new colleagues

In addition to the employee's willingness, networking skills are an important factor for the success of a referral campaign.


Many employees experience a high barrier to contacting potential new colleagues themselves. Especially the more introverted employees. A change in mindset, practically identifying potential new colleagues and improving skills when approaching them makes a big difference.


All these elements are discussed during the training 'Recruiting new colleagues'. The period between training and follow-up is ideally one month.

This training program can serve as a booster at the start of a referral campaign or give new impetus to a campaign that has been running for a while.

Do you want to boost your referral programme? We can help, guide and train you with this. The first hour of sparring is free.

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