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More and more organizations are using referral recruitment to recruit new colleagues. It is one of the best and cheapest recruitment methods, but it does not happen automatically.

There are quite a few prejudices about this subject. It is therefore crucial that all important stakeholders understand why referral recruitment is so important and how you can use it smartly in these times.

Employees, alumni, freelancers, interns, even former applicants  are all potential ambassadors of your organization.

In this two-hour inspiration session, Michael Boud will take your stakeholders into the world of referral recruitment. The content of the masterclass is determined together in advance and depends on the extent to which your organization already uses this recruitment method. In any case, consider the following topics:


  • What type of referral programme works best and how do you safeguard it in your organization?

  • How do employees want to be rewarded and what internal target audiences are there?

  • How do others actually do it and which results do they generate?

  • How do you encourage employees to help with your recruitment challenge?

  • How can you promote the employer brand through these ambassadors?

  • What does a well setup referral programme cost and what does it yield?

  • Which referral software can support your referral programme best?

  • And the facts and figures from the referral recruitment benchmark are also included.

Get inspiration and learn from the experiences of others during a live masterclass on location or online. Michael Boud will take you through the benefits of referral recruitment in two hours including many business cases.


We charge €590 excl. VAT + travel and stay costs for this two-hour masterclass. Including preparation, analysis organization, tailor-made masterclass, unlimited number of participants and of course a great dose of enthusiasm and passion.

Want to know more? Please e-mail or call Michael Boud via ​ or+31624768758

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