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We can help you devise and set up a complete referral branding campaign through your employees. We jointly develop a strategy and lay the foundation for your referral campaign and content calendar, including the internal promotion of the program.

Ideas are developed into beautiful content that can then be used weekly so that in addition to sharing vacancies, you also have other interesting messages to be shared by your ambassadors.​

  • What makes your company different?

  • What are your core values ​​and how are they reflected in the corporate culture, workplace and conditions?

  • Has the balance between work and private life been considered?

  • What internal target audiences are there?


By answering these types of questions, you create a clear picture of how a job at your company has a positive impact on the life of your possible future colleague.

We will help you on how to tell the real story by using authentic labor market communication through your own ambassadors.

Would you like to know more? The first consult hour is for free.

Please complete the form below or email or call Michael Boud at / +31624768758


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